A trans- and interdisciplinary conference at the University of Hamburg, 21/22 February 2019

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

12.00 Welcome
12.30 Exploring the Critical Zone
Jacobus Bracker, Hamburg // Stefanie Johns, Hamburg
13.00 DE\GLOBALIZE. A search movement for the terrestrial
Daniel Fetzner, Offenburg
13.40 Mermaid Tears
Susanne Kriemann, Karlsruhe
14.20 Coffee break
14.40 The desert as a Critical Zone
Toni Hildebrandt, Bern
15.20 Must we meet monsters at the end of the world?
Sudipto Basu, New Delhi
16.00 Coffee break
16.20 „The picture has moved“. Extreme Bilder, World Zooms, Immersive VR
Vera Tollmann, Berlin
17.00 How to represent porosity to fill strategical emptiness? An art and visual culture discussion
Damien Pelletier-Brun, Rennes // Lena Quelvennec, Lund
17.40 Coffee break
18.00 Visualising the Critical Zone, an interdisciplinary approach
Bruno Latour, Paris // Alexandra Arènes, Manchester // Jérôme Gaillardet, Paris
19.00 Reception

Friday, 22 February 2019

09.30 Moin moin
10.00 Interaction of nature and man after Ernst Cassirer: Expressive phenomena as indicators
Martina Sauer, Bühl (Baden)
10.40 Mediating the Critical Zone. Land art in the perspective of image studies
Michael Rottmann, Basel
11.20 Coffee break
11.40 Becoming-Slime. Zoning the Medusocene
Léa Perraudin, Cologne
12.20 Encounters of humans and non-humans in bio art
Olga Timurgalieva, Warsaw
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Imago corporalis and homeostasis. Exploration of the Critical Zone in the range of quasi-materiality and embodiment
Lars Christian Grabbe, Münster
14.40 What’s so critical?
Magdalena Eckes, Stuttgart
15.20 Coffee break
15.40 Watching the Critical Zone through one another’s eyes: an interdisciplinary dialogue
Steven Banwart, Sheffield // Anna Krzywoszyńska, Sheffield
16.20 Critical Zones. A research seminar with Bruno Latour
Daniel Irrgang, Karlsruhe // Bettina Korintenberg, Karlsruhe
17.00 Farewell
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